Anti-shop-lifting and industrial espionage


Today the necessity of  protection for your bussinness and private assets is important more than ever. This ncecessity is particularly useful for those stores that every month have to make a long list of inventory of stolen items.

This new form of selling "Put everything handy so the costumer is going to buy it" has surely succeed but has also incouraged a higher percentage of shop-lifting.

An old saying recite "The right chance turn a man into a thief" infact large crowds of  costumers

present at the mall is almost impossible to control. On top of this the security canít do random checks on the costumers, which would feel offended and redirect their shopping to other stores and there is also a  law that doesnít allow us to hold a suspect.


Our solution is to educate the security (or whoever is on duty) to recognize the tipical shop lifter behavior and to learn the necessary tactics to hold a suspect, to check him and deter shop lifting.

The courses use legal support, visual support and simulated situations.

There are also specific courses for managment that teach how to chose the employees who will work in the field.


The  industrial espionage section have particular relevance. It is possible to install videocameras, microspy and recording machines, to keep under control telephones and rooms at high risk.

The installation will be performed in absolute privacy, sometimes on sundays which is an ideal day to work in a quite enviorment, far away from "indescrete eyes".