Security for those who work in at risk situations

(suggested for newstands, tobacco shops and small stores!!!)

A simple and secure system to document aggressions, robbery, ect.,with photographs.

Stop using character sketch.

The criminal’s identity would be given to the police along with the photographic documentation.


tel +39 523 614525 / 570090
fax autostart
cell +39 339 42 22 230

How AUTOKIT works?

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Central System

The heart of the system is big as a cigarette package that can “memorize” 32 photograms in sequence, (the 1st one will be erased when the 33rd is taken, the 2nd one when the 34th is taken and so on).

The photograms can be seen in a monitor or television through the scart cable. It is also possible to record on tape and print the images with a computer printer.



The videocamera and its components are about the size of a 2 euro coin. The four infrared lights assure the video survellance even in absolute darkness.

It is also possible to set the “live camera” function needed to keep the areas under controll on reality time.

Remote controll

The remote controll has only three useful bottons that include:

-date and time setting (that will appear on each photogram)

-system configuration


-shoot photograms

-view and play

The “shoot photogram” command can be combined with the manual command placed in the car.

Pedal button and power feeder at 220 volt

The pedal button is needed to shoot pictures. It is possible to have a button for each place one has need to oversee. The power feeder will review and download the images when the central system will be removed from the car.



Video Cable and 12 volt

The kit is complete with power feeder car cable, and a video adapter cable.


AUTOKIT  has all the necessary components for the “do it yourself” installation and comes with the instructions for programming the functions.

It would be enough to spot the best place for your videocamera recording and for your central system. This can be done on your own or with the technician help.

Once the AUTOKIT is installed it is ready for use and it would be a good idea to use it every time a costumer takes the taxi. Whenever necessary the central system will come apart to review and download the images to give to law enforcment.