Ready for central system connection

Cellphone rates surely are more flexible and convinient than home phone rates. Whoever needs to call a cellphone from a home phone usually ends up with expensive bills to pay.

This product allows one to call cellphones from a cellphone even though we are actually calling from a central system or a home phone.
tel +39 523 614525 / 570090
fax autostart
cell +39 339 42 22 230

Central system

This product has an internal GSM card in which one inserts the favorite SIM card. This simple change will enable us to call cellphones by chosing a confortable rate.


Personalized card

It is possible to personalize the product thanks to the card and external help:

Remote controls, on/off command, intrusion warning.

It is possible to check on our trailer from far away or our boat parked miles from home thanks to live-time cellphone messages. You will never risk again to find your trailer robbed or cold because the heater broke down and nobody was there to tell you.

This system will warn you immediatly. It can be combined with an alarm system and/or any other protection system.