Burgio T.E.C.

Since 1981 the Burgio Electronics firm has offered qualificated and personalized services on telecomunications, electronics and computer.

We have high competenze in the fields; we are specialized in radiofrequency and the computer are assembled upon costumer needs.


We are also working side by side with AGS (Curno-BG) BRONDI TELEPHONE trade mark; WADECO (BO) HI-TEL trade mark; SAIET Telecomunication (BO) SAIET trade mark; TREVI (RM) and many other.

Burgio TEC has specialized tools such as Wattmeter BIRD, Test Set RODHE SWARTZ, digital frequenzy meter, double and quadripule tracks oscillator 100MHz.


We have also our own multimedia classroom for basic and advanced courses of electronics, repairs, trouble center. Moreover we host computer classes where to learn about the main systems, softwares, and other programs such as word, excel, access, publicher, front page, ecc.

During hardware classes we explain, in a  practical form, how to desing and assemble a computer, how to set the mother board and set the BIOS and any other necessary knowledge to have a operative CPU.


Burgio TEC has collaborated, among others,  with CTE International, BOSCH Telecom, TELEXIS, FIAT-IVECO (TO), PININFARINA (TO), FERRARI (MO), AGIP Petroli (PV), Industrie CAFFARO (UD), Ospedale Destra SECCHIA (MN), SIEMENS (MI), IBM (MI), PERLA IONICA (CT), FIAT MELFI, ecc.therefore is able to performe national repairs.