Phones and repairs

Lately we have become the last chance for the cellphones owners that have had their device fall in deep water, in the mud, in the broth or even used as pets toilette. Beside the awful smell we were able to find a solution, in most of the case even if you’ve lost the data. 

Dear GSM owners don’t give up, you can still save your device by sending it to BURGIO Electronics, just write on the box “Last Chance”. We will check and estimate your phone immediately. If the repair turn out to be too expensive or impossible, there would be non charge except for shipping and handling...and if you don’t even want to spend those, just tell us to discharge the “piece of trash”.

Remember to carefully wrap the product, with a brief but clear message on what is wrong with it. Don’t forget your name, phone number and e-mail for fast comunication.

Until now we have obtained 90% of’s a good average for problems of this kind, where most of the technicians would raccomend to buy a brand new one!


Send to: Burgio Elettronica - via Malvicini, 22 - 29100 Piacenza

write  LAST CHANCE on the box or by the address.